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The Salento

The Salento, a strip of land between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea, is one of the most fascinating and characteristic of Italy, rich in artistic, natural landscape and is today one of the favorite tourist destinations for Italians and foreigners.

The Salento peninsula encompasses the areas of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto, with their small towns rich in folk traditions, gastronomy and culture.

Salento is a varied landscape, a reality of art, sea, nature, culture and sports. Due to its peculiar geographical position, the Salento has always been subject to innumerable cultural influences, the starting point and destination to the Far East, Salento is a melting pot of races, faiths and cultures.

For lovers of the sea and nature, Salento offers stretches of white beaches and steep cliffs, plains of olive groves and vineyards, fields of daisies, sunflowers and poppies. The landscape is predominantly Mediterranean, an expanse of shrubs and herbs that fit the karst land. Just the limestone of the area gives rise to the beautiful and countless caves that embroider the Adriatic coast of fantastic lace rock.

Rituals and traditions are inherent in Salento in history and tradition, a cultural aspects is the most popular Pinch, a popular music from the hectic pace, punctuated by experts and enthusiasts tambourine, guitars, strings and harmonics.

The pinch is rooted in popular belief that the bite of the tarantula bedeviled those who were victims and only the frenzied dance originated from the frenetic pace of tambourines, with the help of St. Paul or San Donato, did leave this spirit from the victim.

The musical tradition of Salento is celebrated every year with the "Notte della Taranta" concert now widespread in the world that celebrates music with folk ballads and popular music.